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Welcome to the LIDP website

Modern dentistry can help you and your dentist maintain your oral health for the future. Lothian Independent Dental Practitioners Limited (LIDP) helps to give you access to affordable quality and professional care.

LIDP is an established concept in dental care which is managed locally by dentists. This serves to kepp administration costs to a minumum and ensures impressive value.

LIDP was founded more than 10 years ago on the principles of preventive dentistry with the aim of helping our patients enjoy the benefits of dental health and avoid the problems caused by tooth decay and gum disease.

These founding principles endure today. Initially the all inclusive membership plan was introduced to allow patients to budget for professional dental care at a fixed cost. The original plan is still available and is favoured by many patients, the plan does not however allow you to join until you are dentally healthy.

To make dental health and the benefits of LIDP available to everyone wherever their current level of dental health is we introduced the Maintenance Only plan which you can join at any point. Explore the web site to find out more.